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Making Chiropractic Care Part of Your New Year's Resolution

Posted by Dr. Serge Lanoue on 8 February 2018


2018 is upon us and amidst the weight loss, fitness, and healthy habit resolutions, we know that by February more than 66% of those resolutions will be broken. The key to a successful resolution is setting small, attainable goals, making them achievable, and having a partner to help  you along the way. While some loftier goals may not be immediately achievable, better overall health and wellbeing is attainable for everyone and with the right plan you can be a better, healthier you in 2018.

Did you know that Chiropractic care fits into a holistic wellbeing plan?

Most people don't consider visiting a Chiropractic doctor until they feel an odd pinch, sustained an injury, or have existing pain resurface. Regular Chiropractic visits may actually help your overall wellbeing in many ways which is why it's a great addition to your healthier, happier you this year.


Improved Energy

Most people associate energy levels with coffee, tea, endorphins from exercise, or Vitamin D, but did you know that your spinal health plays a large role in your energy levels?

If you just can't help shaking that fatigued feeling, you may have an unbalanced spinal column. When your spine is even slightly misaligned, your posture and weight distribution is out of balance, thus your body works harder to keep everything together. Over time, this can add up in lost energy and have you feeling sluggish no matter how many cups of coffee or hours of sleep you get. The hard work your body puts into adjusting for your misalignment is free to use once you've rectified the imbalance, so a Chiropractic visit may make a big difference in your energy levels.

Your spinal column is also the transmission centre for your nerve signals and the same misalignment may interfere with their flow. Chiropractic care tackles spinal misalignments with minor, gentle adjustments that can ultimately put a little more pep in your step.


Strengthened Immune System

Boosting your immune system doesn't always equate to getting plenty of Vitamin D and C. The nervous system works closely with your immune system to transmit healing signals during times of need. If your spine is misaligned, this could interfere with the coordination of immune responses and leave you more susceptible to the effects of illness.

Chiropractic adjustments may help boost the coordination of these responses and bolster the collaborative effort of your wellbeing. By analyzing the alignment and health of your spine, minor adjustments help support optimal neurological activity for a faster immune response.


Better Sleep

If you're feeling like you're not getting adequate sleep and are feeling sluggish, fatigued, or have poor concentration, going to sleep earlier and managing your stress may help you catch more Z's, but the quality of sleep you get may be related to your body mechanics more than you think.

Chiropractic care focuses on your spinal health and on relieving tension and pain that may have built up, leading to a more relaxed body. By focusing on rectifying misalignments, your doctor of Chiropractic creates a more efficient body, making it easier for you to fall (and stay) asleep.


Improved Mood

A major element of wellbeing is your emotional health and mood. Though Chiropractic may not be the first treatment you may think of for mood elevation and overall wellness, proper body mechanics can vastly influence your mental state.

You now know that misalignments of the spine can impact your sleep, immune system, and energy levels. Less sleep, a lowered immune system response and feeling sluggish can also impact your mood. Misalignment of the spine may not be readily noticeable until the pressure builds up enough to cause pain, but the energy spent by your body to function drains you, which may be responsible for your reduced zest for life.

Chiropractic care may help reduce pain that's affecting your mood, decrease the negative impact on your nervous system and reduce chronic pain which is a common cause for depression. Further, decreased muscle tension from proper alignment may help increase mental clarity for optimal wellness.


Lowered Risk of Injury

Too often patients arrive with existing pain that could have been prevented with regular care. Not only does your Chiropractic Doctor provide spinal adjustments for relief and realignment, but also gives guidance for proper body mechanics during physical activity, nutritional advice and strategies for injury prevention. The best defense against injury is having a strong body with properly functioning mechanics. Spinal misalignment opens the possibility to injury the same way an open wound is a door for infection, so it's important to support your body's spinal column.

Because of the added pressure any misalignment of the spine may place on your body's mechanics, chronic problems or injuries may be inevitable. With the potential of a lowered immune system and lowered energy levels, your body may not respond appropriately when an injury occurs. A close working relationship with your Chiropractor and regular adjustments may help strengthen your spine and provide you with the know how to prevent injuries.



Ready for regular maintenance to ensure your body feels and works better? If you're looking for a wellness partner to get 2018 off to a strong start, Dr. Lanoue is ready to help empower you with the knowledge and Chiropractic treatment plan for optimal health in the new year.

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