Upper Cervical Adjustment in Mississauga

Upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is a specialized chiropractic technique that deals mostly with two areas at the base of the skull, known as the "Atlas" and the "Axis." The theory behind upper cervical chiropractic is that since these areas are so neurologically dense, any issues stemming from them may lead to misalignment in the rest of the spine. Upper cervical chiropractors often feel that the Atlas and Axis are primary areas that need to be properly adjusted first, before beginning any other type of treatment.

Upper cervical adjustment is highly-targeted, gentle, and safe.

What to Expect

Dr. Lanoue may suspect upper cervical misalignment based on several physical warning signs or indicators. First off, patients with a poorly aligned Atlas may suffer from pain or pressure at the base of the neck. There may be a head tilt, shoulder tilt or hip tilt, which in turn causes low back pain or hip pain due to the body's overcompensation for the "tilt."

If the patient decides to move forward with upper cervical adjustment, the chiropractor will begin by taking x-rays of the upper cervical vertebrae at the top of the neck. This is a necessary step in determining whether upper cervical adjustment is needed.

Based on x-ray results, your chiropractor will use a light touch to gently manipulate the neck and head until spine alignment is achieved.

Is Upper Cervical Adjustment Effective?

Upper cervical adjustment has proven effective in healing a number of conditions and ailments. As early as 2-3 days after the treatment, the average patient cites over 50% improvement in postural alignment - in other words, a great reduction in postural distortion.

Immediately following an adjustment, the patient's body will begin self-healing. In getting used to the new postural alignment, you may experience stiffness for a few days. After a short period of time, however, patients will begin to feel the benefits of upper cervical adjustment, such as improved posture, reduction in head, shoulder and hip tilt, and reduced pain in the low back and hips.

Upper cervical chiropractic may be the key you have been missing to perfect posture and a life free of pain. To find out if upper cervical adjustments are right for you or to book an appointment, contact Dr. Lanoue chiropractic clinic in Mississauga today.