Slips and Falls

We've all experienced a slip, trip or a fall at some point in our lives, and on top of possibly being embarrassing, it can also lead to pain from light sprains and strains to more serious injuries like broken bones and concussions.

This can be particularly serious for older adults as these events can trigger more serious and longer term health problems.

Causes of Slips, Trips and Falls

Most trips, slips or falls occur within the home, the workplace, a public place (like a mall) or while walking outdoors.

These are some of the conditions that may result in slipping, tripping or falling:

  • wet surfaces - either a wet or slippery floor, a street after the rain, or a road covered in snow and ice
  • obstacles - lumpy carpeting, uneven floors, furniture, cables and objects such as toys
  • poor lighting
  • incorrect eyeglass prescription
  • loss of balance

Some medical conditions or medications may affect your sense of balance, your vision or your reflexes, and may make you more prone to such accidents.

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What to do if you fall

Wherever you may be, tripping and falling may be startling and upsetting. Here are some suggested steps if you slip and fall:

  • try to remain as calm as possible
  • determine if you are hurt before trying to move. Getting up the wrong way or too quickly may make things worse
  • if you are hurt and can't get up on your own safely, ask someone for help or call 911

Whether you need immediate medical attention or not, consider consulting your chiropractor - such as Dr. Lanoue - as soon as possible as he/she may be able to help with your recovery.

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Slips and Falls Prevention

Consult Dr. Lanoue for a health assessment aimed at preventing slips and falls, or at least to minimize their impacts.