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New - Video Testimonials

Posted by Dr. Serge Lanoue on 13 November 2017

Hear what some of our patients have to say about the care they've received from Dr. Lanoue, Chiropractor in Mississauga, and the impact on their every day lives.

Marilyn had been suffering from back pain, and has now been pain free for 4 years, while Saverio had suffered from sciatica which impacted not only his everyday life but his work as well. In both these cases spinal decompression provided much needed relief.




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Dr. Serge LanoueAuthor:Dr. Serge Lanoue
About: Since 1990, Mississauga chiropractor Dr. Serge Lanoue has been helping patients feel better through time-tested chiropractic techniques. Dr. Lanoue and his team have worked with patients on a number of physical issues from back pain to rheumatoid arthritis to tennis elbow to migraines. Our patients are looking to live healthier lifestyles without relying so much on prescriptions or surgeries to heal injuries. Chiropractic therapy is a more natural treatment option.
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