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Summer Shoe Styles That Can Cause Injuries

Posted by Dr. Serge Lanoue on 19 May 2022
Summer Shoe Styles That Can Cause Injuries

There are 26 bones in the foot that can cause alignment issues and pain. When it comes to addressing foot pain, we often turn to over-the-counter medication, heel pads, and insoles. Rather than easing the pain after the injury has occurred, selecting the right shoe type and regularly visiting a chiropractor may pinpoint the root of the problem and result in long-lasting foot pain relief. Here are some summer shoe styles that can cause injuries:

Flip Flops Can Cause Plantar Fasciitis

Do you suffer from Plantar fasciitis? Flip Flops can increase your symptoms and overall pain. Though they are easy to bring to the beach, due to the lack of support and minimal cushioning, flip flops are summer-friendly shoes that can cause serious injuries. Sneakers or water shoes that provide support are recommended.

Mules Can Cause Hammertoe

Anything that lacks ankle support should not be worn for long periods of time. Though trendy, to protect your foot and spine health, wear these types of shoes if you are sitting for long periods of time and not for standing. Mules can cause serious foot conditions, such as hammertoe, a condition where the toes are permanently bent.

Wedges Can Cause Stress Fractures

Uneven weight distribution with forced pressure on the ball and toes of the foot makes this one of the worst summer shoe styles for foot health. Due to the added stress on foot arches, minimal traction, and ball pressure, wedges can lead to stress fractures, foot swelling, blisters, and stability issues.

Peep Toe Shoes and Foot Positioning

Anytime your foot is forced into a shape that is against its natural positioning, you are putting yourself at risk of foot pain and potential issues. Peep toe shoes scrunch your toes together in an abnormally tight space while adding pressure to the weakest part of your feet.

Which Shoes Should You Invest In?

Although trendy, summer shoe styles fluctuate depending on fashion and market needs. We recommend staying away from the trends and selecting shoes based on your personalized needs and the specific shape of your feet. When investing in your next pair of shoes, consider if you have wide or narrow feet, high or low arches, and any kind of previous foot injury that you’ve had in the past.

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