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Visiting The Chiropractor May Relieve Holiday Stress

Posted by Dr. Serge Lanoue on 20 October 2022
Visiting The Chiropractor May Relieve Holiday Stress


The holiday season is coming soon enough, and along with the family gatherings, celebrations and work events, stress can be an unwelcomed guest. Here are a few ways that stress and pressure may affect you and your loved ones during the Holidays.


Misaligned Vertebrae & Stress

Physical pressure - that is, forces exerted on our bodies - occurs on a daily basis from our everyday routines. Every workday, not only does typing on your computer create pressure within your finger and spine ligaments, but the stress of daily work activities can cause emotional tension that can create pressure within the spine. During the holiday season, these daily pressures are increased even more. We are celebrating more and enjoying ourselves more, but as a result, we are also experiencing physical and emotional stress more than usual. This stress can have an impact on our spines, and placing the back into alignment may cause an instant feeling of physical and mental tension relief. 


Chiropractic Treatment: Reducing Stress Through Adjustments

During the holiday season, our families and friends are visiting, our social gatherings are larger and as a result, we are exposed to louder noises, and increased physical and emotional demands than we may experience during our regular routines. Exposure to loud noises or abrupt changes in our physical environments may lead to an increase in tension headaches or other physical pains. Visiting your chiropractor may help relieve symptoms of both tension headaches and physical pains by placing the spine into proper alignment. 


Emotions Within The body 

Health and wellness practitioners suggest that emotions can not only be felt within our nervous systems but stored within our physical bodies as well. Expressions such as bursting with joy or experiencing heartache underlie how we associate our emotions with our physical bodies, and these may be even more prominently felt after experiencing trauma. Visiting your chiropractor may help relieve stored-up spine tension and may relieve extra emotional and physical tension also. 


Holiday Activities & Chiropractic Treatment 

Cooking for and hosting your loved ones, carrying and setting up your seasonal decorations – especially if you’re doing it on the ground covered in ice and snow - may lead to unusual or abrupt physical movements. Moving the body in sudden and improper ways may lead to an increase in joint pain and physical stress. Your chiropractor may help to assess movement-related injuries and may show you daily stretches and movements to reduce and prevent injury. 


Stress and The Nervous System 

When we’re under stress, our sympathetic nervous system controls our “fight-or-flight” response and increases our heart rate and delivers more blood to areas of the body that need more oxygen to function in order to help us get out of “danger”. Autonomic activities like digestion take a back seat until the stress situation has passed and things can return to normal.

Cervical adjustments or manipulations by a chiropractor may help physical ailments related to stress, and may ease your body back into a more “rest and digest” mode of operation.


Dr. Lanoue may help to answer your overall health and wellness questions. Our team wishes you and your loved ones a safe and healthy holiday season. For more information on stress-related injuries and Chiropractic treatment options, contact us today. 

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